Chapter 1

Session One

It was a stormy day across the Empire when the summons came from the High King himself, the time had come for the lost colony of Thornhold to be reclaimed and the party had been chosen. They gathered two days later in the capitol of Ur Draxa, “Slither”, Holly Twigg, Loscea Aradove and Legel. Each had different masters and personal agendas but they shared a common cause, the capture and rebuilding of Thornhold.

Their quest got off to a rocky start, the ancient maps they had been provided proved to be inaccurate and they quickly became lost. They soon righted their course and began crossing the great Dismal Swamp which makes up the western frontier of the Empire. The first contact with the new inhabitants of the area known as the Thornwild, a powerful witch named Serena ruled the swamp and seemingly had absolute control over the land and it’s inhabitants. After some intense negotiations they were allowed to pass, mainly because the witch believed they would perish when they reached the ruins.

A sense of unknown doom hanged over the party as they approached the city, an encounter with a group of wild elves shed some light on the mystery, a Dragon! A mighty white wyrm killed all the inhabitants of Thornhold and made the cities fortress into its nest. Knowing what lay ahead gave the party a chance to plan and the elves, whose tribe had been victims of the beast before, agreed to lend a handful warriors to help kill the beast.

The group tried to take a stealth based approached but a fumble on the ice attracted the wyrm’s attention and the great best attacked, nearly killing “Slither” in the opening volley. The beast seemed to have the upper hand but the party rallied and by their combined abilities brought the beast low.



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