Chapter 1:2

Session 2

The White Dragon lay dead but the terrible snow storm blanketing the area did not die with him, after some healing magics the party approached the old castle that the beast had made its home at terrible secret was discovered. Using their combined abilities once again the group neutralized this final threat and the great storm finally abated, the long rebuilding process could finally begin.

The adventurers had some time to wait however for the main supply caravan to arrive with the manpower and resources necessary to start the rebuilding of the city. The trip to Thornhold had drained the party of its supplies but some careful management and fruitful hunting trips kept them fed. The witch however would not wait, once again acting through her familiar she demanded a crippling tribute otherwise she would use her powers to close the great southern road and choke off supplies. The group tried to negotiate but failed and had no choice but to accept. The Wild Elves however proved much more amiable and the pact they reached was mutually beneficial.



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