The Lost Colony

When the the northern part of the empire crumbled after the fall of the Dragon Emperor, it became a collection of city states and small principlaties governed by whoever was strong enough to hold them. For a while the City of Thornhold seem to thrive on it’s own like this sitting as it did on the junction between the Via Rogana, which traveled east and west, and the Via Teleste which ran south to the gates of the capital Ur Draxa. These importent trade routes fed money and men into Thornhold for centuries, but absent the strength of the Empire the demi-humans began to come down from the High Blade Mountains to destroy farms and harass merchants. Then one day all trade and communication ceased abruptly the weystones, that allowed teleportation between the far lung reaches of the empire, no longer worked and all attempts to reach the city failed. All who attempted the journey never returned. The High King is said to be finally recruiting adventurers to reclaim the city and pilgrams to resettle it, but will they succeed where many have failed?


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